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Realtor with the most powerful, progressive, National Real Estate Franchise. We remain on top of the best marketing technologies available!  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Woodmont Realty, Brentwood and Nashville, TN 

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Online Sales reach where the internet reaches. Live Online Sales generate intense local excitement, too! Competition makes the world go-round! The more the competition, the higher the prices achieved! 

The Buyer's Premium, and get it closed

Want to save money? It has become traditional in our area to sell using a Buyer's Premium meaning the BUYER - not the SELLER - PAYS THE COMMISSION! 

Sell "as is" for cash and close in three to six weeks!

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Online Sales and Auctions done the right way!


Real Estate Residential, Commercial, Farm, Income, Industrial, Unimproved Tracts, and Lots. Estate Sales (better Online!), Antiques, Collectibles, furnishings, Commercial, Farm, and Industrial Equipment.

Any Type of Real Estate, and Personal Property



Possible Online Sale or Simulcast Auction?

We sell for CASH and close in usually thirty days, “as-is,” exempt from disclosures, no repairs, extra costs, or contingencies except we always provide a good deed and an insured title policy. The Buyer usually pays the commission – not the Seller! – called a “Buyer’s Premium.” I have numerous Online and local buyers who prefer to buy this way. No up-front costs unless the Seller wants print media. No distress sale stigma. It’s like eBay for Real Estate. Statistics to date: 9.75% to 11.75% above the Seller’s reserve price. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

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We offer Auction and Real Estate experience since 1978 and experience with hundreds of sales of all types and situations.